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Screaming Hallelujah

I'm Brittany, a twenty something stuck in the middle of Misery, for now.
You can call me Queen B.


i love my friends.


i love my friends.

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young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care

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Eat if you’re hungry. Sleep if you’re sleepy. Pray if you’re weary. You are your first priority. Maintain yourself because how can you continue to give more and be you without doing so. I’m praying for your semester and sending good vibes your way!”
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let me just say a few things about ‘all about that bass’ real quick

  1. it’s a song about body positivity and we don’t get many of those so can we just take that into consideration please
  2. i know people are kicking off about her using the phrase “skinny bitches” but she does follow it up with "no, i’m just playing i know you think you’re fat / but i’m here to tell you that / every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"  she’s taken an insult commonly given to slim women and basically a said so what if you are skinny/skinny but you think you’re fat, YOU’RE STILL PERFECT 
  3. i’ve seen shit loads of people saying it makes them feel more confident, and slim women get a ton of media reinforcing the idea that their body is perfect anyway

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You can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing; you can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of quality; of infatuation, or of love.”
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I’m going through a little bit of a tough patch right now. I opened up a lot this summer, trusted one of my best friends (David) with my deepest darkest secret, went to counseling to tackle it and now I feel stuck. 

I was supposed to be in group therapy this semester to help me cope with it more, but it doesn’t really look like that’s going to be a thing this semester, which is tough. I felt like that was my crutch, and now I feel like I’m using my boyfriend as a crutch and that’s not fair because he’s got shit he needs to worry about and he can’t spend every day worrying about Brittany and her mood swings/fears.

It’s tough. I don’t want to be alone, but company with just anyone won’t do. Since damn near my birthday it’s been David and I and I kind of shut out everyone else, which I know isn’t good. But between my best friend getting married and life just getting in the way with other friends, it’s easier to turn to him. Not to mention he knows everything, he doesn’t judge me (harshly) and he’s so supportive. 

I don’t want to classify how I’m feeling as just a funk because I know deep down it isn’t. It’s a problem and I thought for the past 6 months I was taking the proper steps to rectifying that problem, but it just won’t go away.